Daily Photo: Jon Jones Being Awkward with Badr Hari

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones made a pretty strange guest appearance at LEGEND 2: Invasion this past weekend along with a host of other UFC stars. The whole thing was kind of weird and left a strange taste in the mouths of many. Why were Frank Mir, Jon Jones, Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem promoting a rival promotion in Russia? Sure, LEGEND was paying them a boatload of money, flying them around in private jets, putting them up in penthouse suites  and paying them to basically just hang out, but it’s still weird.

There would never be photos of Jon Jones dancing in a Bellator or World Series of Fighting ring, would there? Anyway, this is an awkward photo of Jon Jones dancing in the ring with Badr Hari and the team from Mike’s Gym this weekend. Everything about this is awkward. Just everything. This is exactly what I expect from Jon Jones while drunk and coked out of his mind in Russia with nothing to do for a solid week but party and hang out.