Cung Le’s Upcoming Action Movie Gets a New Trailer

There has been talk about Cung Le’s action movie for what feels like years now, which is in part because Cung Le’s action movie has been in the works since 2009, which is a pretty long time, but also how the film industry works unless you’ve got the right pieces to the puzzle all put together already. A Certain Justice is finally due out in 2014 (although I couldn’t tell you to what degree, it has that direct-to-video look to it, honestly) and looks like it’ll be at least pretty fun.

Cung Le is the protagonist in the film, a soldier returning home and happens to help out a damsel in distress that brings down a bunch of baddies into his life. He then goes on a bloody tale of revenge that involves explosions and going up against a long-haired, mustachioed Dolph Lundgren and Vinnie Jones is in there somewhere as well. All I know is that this trailer seems like a proper usage for Alice in Chains classic “Rooster,” which is cool with me.