Cung Le wants a fight against Bisping

Poor Tim Kennedy. He’s been angling for a fight with Bisping for years, before he was even in the UFC, and now Cung Le may swoop in and take Tim’s dream fight; Michael Bisping. It must be nice to be Bisping. People are constantly calling you out, lots of promotion and fanfare good or bad. That’s money for Mr. Bisping, money I tell you.

And you know what? I would love to see Le vs. Bisping, but at the same time, I want Kennedy vs. Bisping, and Anderson Silva vs. Bisping. I want everyone to fight Bisping.

Bisping, Bisping, Bisping.

This is Cung Le’s callout:

“I would love to fight Michael Bisping. He likes to bring the fight. He comes to fight, I come to fight, and I think that would be a great fight for the fans. That would be top on the list.”