Cub Swanson beats up Jeremy Stephens after a long night of UFC action

I’m on the fence about the UFC and its practices. On one hand, I appreciate the massive number of fights at my fingertips. There was a time when we simply didn’t have a lot of fights to watch. Therein laid the beauty of the situatio – the anticipation. Big stars. The two cards that were on yesterday were void of stars, and it didn’t help that the entire main card was full of grinding decisions. I love all MMA, but it was indeed starting to get a little boring 5 hours into the show, right?

They say the UFC can’t build stars, but maybe putting people like Cub Swanson and Jeremy Stephens in the main event is their attempt at doing so? Cub Swanson was working the crowd, and as media, you felt that it was a main event, even if it was a small, unwatched card.

It’s an interesting conundrum.

Oh yeah, Cub Swanson took home the unanimous decision over Stephens last night in one of the few entertaining fights of the night. There was indeed a cartwheel kick.