Cro Cop’s Thoughts on LEGEND’s Strange Promotional Tactics are Right On

LEGEND 2: Invasion went down today in Russia and while Mirko Cro Cop might not have had the best luck when it comes to the actual fight, the guy was still pretty much on point yesterday with his thoughts on the press conference. A lot of MMA sites ran this video while just talking about his quip about them being “unprofessional,” like it was unprofessional for them to steal his moment kind of thing.

I think that is wildly inaccurate, as Cro Cop’s point was more to how strange it was that LEGEND was promoting their own event with big name UFC fighters as opposed to using the fighters on their card. It was deceptive marketing to have Jon Jones, Frank Mir, Fabricio Werdum and Alistair Overeem promoting an event that they weren’t going to fight on. In fact, it was kind of stupid, but I’m sure it’ll get the Russian press talking, which was the intent for LEGEND.