Cro Cop pays for the operation of a dog shot by a hitman

A cruel owner of a Croatian dog gave a man $7 to shoot the poor pup and throw it in a nearby river, just because he didn’t want to pay to have it euthanized. Unfortunately (or fortunately), the dog lived through being shot and dumped in the river, but it was found soon by a father/son fishing trip down the bank.

“My son saw him, the dog was floating like a log in front of us and suddenly the front paw began moving as if it was waving to us.”\

Heartbreaking. Luckily, they wrote down the license plate of the hitman, got him and the previous owner arrested, and brought the hurt dog to a vet. Cro Cop, the badass that he is, found out about the dog’s plight then paid for all of its operations.

All is well.