Cormier: “Evans can’t take me down.”

Daniel Cormier and Rashad Evans is quite the fight for multiple reasons. We all know Rashad was an NCAA Division I badass, who went on to win the UFC light heavyweight title, but Cormier is arguably the second best heavyweight in the world, moving down to what should be his natural weight of 205. Still, that weight cut almost killed Cormier in the Olympics, so any trash talk between these two should be taken with a water-logging grain of salt until Cormier actually makes weight.

But still, he has a point:

“I’m not going to be taken down. I spent a lifetime developing that skill and I’m not getting taken down. When I look at a fight against another wrestler, this is how I approach it. In the sport that we all chose, I got to the top. People don’t just quit wrestling. You stop because you hit the end of the road, whereas I just continued to go.

“So in the sport I chose, Rashad chose, Jon Jones chose, and the rest of those guys chose, I went to the top of that sport, so no, I’m not getting taken down.”

Granted, he did stop wrestling when he couldn’t make 205, so…