Conor McGregor, the Great Irish Hope, goes from welfare to well-off with a Knockout of the Night bonus.

A few weeks ago, Conor McGregor was cashing welfare checks as he trained in Ireland for his UFC debut in Sweden at UFC on Fuel TV 9. Now he’s cashing a $60,000 Knockout of the Night check. Talk about the wild swings in life. We’re not sure what this says about the state-of-affairs at Cage Warriors, letting their dual-division champ go on welfare, but from what we hear, people aren’t really getting paid over there anyways. Bit that’s not what we’re talking about, we can save that for another article.

This is about McGregor and his quick rise from no one to someone who is on everyone’s radar, and it’s largely in part to comments like these:

“I’m just happy I won $60K,” said McGregor. “I’m just thinking on what I’m going to spend it on. I’ll buy myself a car any way. A nice car, may be some suits or something. Custom made suits, I don’t know.

“Just last week I was collecting the social welfare, you know what I mean? I was in there saying to them like, ‘I don’t know what going to happen. I’m signed to the UFC. I don’t know what….blah, blah, blah.’

“But now I supposed I’m gonna have to tell them to f— off!”

“I didn’t have money before this… I was collecting 188 Euro ($245) a week off the social welfare. And now here I am, with like 60gs bonus and then my own pay. I don’t know what the f—s going on to be honest, right?”

Too bad the UFC doesn’t pay out in Euros overseas, I know it wouldn’t make sense to, but you lose about 30 cents to the dollar for the Euro, so that kind of sucks. Either way, it looks like the UFC knows it has something hot on it’s hands with McGregor, so they’ve already booked him for Boston at UFC on FOX Sports 1 later in the year. Man, rising stars all over the place.