Video: Conor McGregor’s Elite Movement

Fifth ranked UFC featherweight Conor McGregor is a very dynamic fighter who has become known for his striking capabilities and unique movement, but just how good is he?

McGregor recently took to the lab and did “Sports Science” type tests to see just how elite his timing and movement are in comparison to other athletes.

The first test judged McGregor’s force and reaction time of his striking. To do this Conor hit a pad with sensors attached to it, which was held by recent UFC light heavyweight title challenger Daniel Cormier.

McGregor’s jab came in with a force of 38,072 fps and the reaction time was 0.3 seconds, which is virtually the equivilant to the amount of time a major league baseball player has to react to an incoming pitch.

What may have been even more impressive, was Conor’s spinning back kick. McGregor’s spinning back kick came in at 62,347 fps with an unbelievable reaction time of 0.5 seconds!

The next test run was to test Conor’s movement whilst striking. The test showed that most of the force generated came from the hips and core of McGregor. Typically, golfers have the highest angular velocity in their hips; Rory McIlory, who is currently the world’s best golfer, has the highest angular velocity in his swing of 720 degrees per second. McGregor, in comparison, has an angular velocity of 800 degrees per second on his spinning back kick.