Conor McGregor is All For Throwing Out Time Limits and Judges

Conor McGregor is on a mission to make himself an absolute fan favorite, with his actions in the ring doing just that over his past few UFC appearances. On top of that, Conor McGregor seems to be a fan of just old-school fighting and wants fans to know that he is that kind of guy. How so? Well, in a recent interview he discussed his distaste for some of the rules involved with MMA, stuff like time limits and judges. McGregor feels like we should go back to how it was before where it was no time limits, no holds barred.

A part of me agrees with Conor McGregor, as that would be a way to find the best fighter in a true test of wills. On the other hand, I can’t imagine the pain of watching GSP lay on someone for 70 minutes. [link]

“It’s definitely good to put the judges under the spotlight and make them accountable for their actions. It will make guys more cautious and more hesitant to score the guy correctly. There is big business on the line here and a loss is crippling, know what I mean? Me personally, I would love to scratch it all and do no time limit, no separation, no nothing. Let the contest go and it’s over when it’s over. People say, ‘We want a finish!’ Trust me, someone will break, no time (limit), a man will break.”