Conor McGregor Cuts Crazy Promo on Cole Miller

So this July Cole Miller and Conor McGregor are going to fight, which has fans in a tizzy because Conor McGregor has really gotten into the hearts and minds of fans over the past few months. Ariel Helwani had both men on the MMA Hour on Monday and of course it quickly degraded into a war of words between both men, but the real award goes out to Conor McGregor for his crazy, pro-wrestling style promo on Cole Miller, as documented by MMAFighting. [source]

“As soon as that man steps off the plane, he is stepping onto a battlefield,” McGregor said once Miller made his opening remarks. “He knows it, I know it. He opened his mouth. I didn’t even give a s–t about him. Nobody in the UFC gave a s–t about him. 18 fights in the UFC, or 17, I don’t even know, and the motherf–ker couldn’t even get off Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg rang and tried to get that man off Facebook. Nobody cares about him.

“He opened his mouth, he should’ve kept quiet. There’s a Celtic saying, ‘many a times a man’s mouth broke his nose.’ And this is one more of those sayings. That man opens his mouth, and I’m going to break his nose.”