VIDEO | Conor McGregor Crashes Fan’s Apartment

Check out this video posted by TMZ showing Conor McGregor driving around Southern California in a Rolls Royce with his crew when he spots a cardboard cutout of himself with the Irish flag on an apartment balcony. The superfan living in the apartment caught McGregor’s attention by screaming “Conor, you’re the man!”McGregor then points up to the fan and shouts back “I’m going to come up to you tomorrow.”

Being a man of his word, McGregor does just that the following day and surprised the resident at his apartment. McGregor hung around to sign a few autographs and chat with the fan leaving him in shock exclaiming after McGregor left:  “Every Saturday I put out my cardboard cutout, put up the flag, and put up the banner. The only thing I can say, and I hope that Conor sees this is that, that feeling he had against Jose Aldo when he knocked him out and became the champ hands down, that’s what I felt like tonight!”