Conor McGregor Completely Dominates Diego Brandao

Well, Conor McGregor has done it, he’s gotten his big win in Ireland in a main event on a show completely built around him against a real opponent. Let’s start off with that; Diego Brandao is a good fighter and a real challenge in the division, so while we have all been a bit apprehensive about the Conor McGregor hype train, my god, he showed a lot of diversity tonight.

The crowd was wild, as you’d expect, but Conor McGregor showed a lot more than we thought here. It started standing, then clinching against the cage until Brandao tried a takedown, which Conor was able to roll as he hit the mat and end up on top of Brandao. From there it was all Conor on top, in a place where Brandao was supposed to be more comfortable. Conor was just dominating. By the end of the round they got to their feet and while Brandao was measuring his shots and coming close, it was McGregor that landed, finally a left dropping him.

Conor swarmed and finished it with punches and elbows while the local crowd went insane. Just crazy stuff from McGregor here. Awesome job switching up between body shots and head shots, too. Just great stuff.