Conor McGregor Apparently Has a Bit of a Thing for Girls on His Toes

Women’s MMA faces an uphill battle for the fact alone that the athletes involved are women. I mean, it is a sad fact that women will always have a hard time being judged for their merits alone as their appearance will always play an important part in their lives. I mean, yeah, I love looking at an attractive woman about as much as the next guy, but it’s still unfortunate that they have to deal with it.

Conor McGregor was asked by a fan on Twitter the eternal question; Miesha or Ronda and his answer was; threesome. The tweet has been removed now, as it was clearly in bad taste, but BE has it archived for all of the world to see.
“one night before the world ends…Ronda or Miesha?” One riidin dick, one lickin ma toessssss”