Cole Miller embraces the gatekeeper role

I’m a fan of Cole Miller. He should’ve beaten Manny Gamburyan in their fight (for the record) and his skillset is better than his record reflects. He’s a legit tough guy, and with his back and forth talk between Donald Cerrone and Conor McGregor refusing to go away, I for one welcome a fight between some combination of these fighters.

Cole went on to reply to the ‘gatekeeper’ status he’s earned, and whether it’s it’s intended negativity has a valid place in the discussion of Cole Miller.

MMAFighting with the quote:

“I don’t like people coming into the UFC, and the guy’s got the whole fighting Irish gimmick going on, and he jumps to the front of the line,” Miller said. “And a lot of people…I’ve got a lot of people on Twitter saying shut-up you gatekeeper bitch, and I’m sitting there thinking, that’s exactly what I’m saying.

“I don’t even think that [being called a gatekeeper is] a bad thing to say. I’ve worked my ass off. I’ve had my ups and downs in my career, and if at that point I’m a gatekeeper, you’re damn right I’m a gatekeeper. And I’ve f—ing earned that. So let me do my job and throw these guys like Conor McGregor in my way, so we can find out just how good they are.”

“I know no one’s going to argue that my skill set is not top ten,” he said. “You can’t tell me that of all the top ten guys that I can’t strike or I can’t grapple or I can’t fight with any of those guys. I feel like that I’m the dark horse. I feel like those guys, none of them want to fight me.”