Cody McKenzie still had the sales tag on his shorts in his UFC on FOX fight

Sometime today, something got mixed up between Cody McKenzie and his fight team, and his shorts were forgotten in his hotel room. Naturally, rather than go back to the hotel (???) someone had to rush out and buy Cody a pair of shorts before he fought Sam Stout on FOX Sports 1, and Cody was in such a hurry that he forgot that the tag was on.

Either that, or he was going to return them when he was done.

Sam Stout spoke about Herb Dean ruining Cody’s return.
“Cody is a rare character,” Stout said. “Thank God I had a veteran referee in Herb Dean. He didn’t even stop the action, just yanked the tags off.”

Stout, though, didn’t catch the shorts’ retailer: “I don’t know. [Cody] was trying to punch me in the face and choke me.”