Chuck Liddell Is Not Impressed With Modern Fighters’ Killer Instincts

When I say killer instincts I mean the inherent lack thereof that a lot of fighters show, at least in the eyes of former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell. As we saw throughout his career, Chuck Liddell was the kind of guy that was all about going for a finish or trying to so hard that it cost him the fight. At times it might not of been the best strategy ever, but he is a legend now and one of the most famous fighters in UFC history.

In a recent interview the Iceman spoke out about how modern fighters are leaning more towards simply winning rounds and being awarded the win as opposed to trying to end fights. He has a pretty valid point that there are a lot of modern fighters who are afraid of being cut or losing fights, so they don’t fight as hard as they could. I’m not sure that we’ll see this change any time soon, but it is nice to see a fighter like Liddell mention it publicly, as most of the folks involved with the UFC would never admit to this. [Source: UTSD]