Chuck Liddell is Not a Fan of Fighters Playing it Safe in MMA

Man, the more that Chuck Liddell talks to media lately, the more I find myself as a fan of him, which is more than I could say when he was fighting. I mean, there was nothing wrong with Chuck when he was fighting or his fights, I just wasn’t the biggest fan of him in those days. He’s been an official ambassador for the sport, mostly an ambassador for the UFC brand since his retirement and has kept a pretty low profile. Over the last few months, though, he’s been talking more and more to the media and has been outspoken about stuff like fighter pay as well as “safe” fighters.

In this interview with AXS TV he absolutely kind of nails why a lot of older, hardcore fans find a lot of modern day fighters to be a bit, well, lacking. I’m kind of happy to see an older fighter that I respect agree with me on points like this, in fact it kind of makes me feel better about the character that I wrote about in The Godslayer, who has some Chuck-ish qualities to him.

So listen to Chuck lay it all out here.