Chris Weidman’s Cheat Days Are Amazing

When you are an athlete or just someone who tries to take care of yourself, you know all about cheat meals and cheat days, but I can assure you that you aren’t doing your cheat days like Chris Weidman is doing his cheat days. Chris Weidman is recovering from having surgery on both knees and while he’s doing that he is absolutely living it up with his cheat day. Take a look at this photo that he posted on Instagram.

That is Chris Weidman with a package of yodels, a package of four (yes four) eclairs, what looks to be two packages of pizzelles and a few others that I can’t make out. All while having an Xbox One controller on his lap and his UFC Middleweight Championship on his armrest in a move that reminds me a lot of Tim Sylvia. I’m pretty sure that Chris Weidman is living large.