Chris Weidman Wants a ‘Clean’ Win at UFC 175

Chris Weidman holds two wins over Anderson Silva, something that nobody else can even attempt to claim, yet there is still footnotes attached to each victory. For Chris Weidman this is frustrating because he won — twice — against the best in the world but still feels like he has something to prove. According to him, he’s looking for a clean, decisive victory over Lyoto Machida at UFC 175. We wish Chris Weidman luck and it should be an incredible fight. [quote]

“It is just that you want to knock out a guy or submit a guy, so for something like that [Silva snapping his leg] to happen is just not normal. I wasn’t happy really after my last fight at all. I couldn’t smile.”

“Coming into this next fight, hopefully there is no ball breaking and that I get a clean win.” he added.