Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Being Planned for May or July in Las Vegas

Not looking at the moment of the finish and weighing the rest of the fight with Anderson Silva, Chris Weidman looked mighty impressive against the man known to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Even the haters are impressed by Chris Weidman and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when he steps into the ring again. We know that the rumors are that it will be Vitor Belfort, but according to Lorenzo Fertita this is a for sure thing and we can expect Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort in the near future.

How near? According to we can expect the match between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort in May or July in Las Vegas, making this the first fight that Vitor has had in America in quite a while, as he has been primarily fighting in Brazil over the past year. This also means he might have some issues with his TRT. [source]