Chris Weidman Thinks that It’ll Be Easier for Him at UFC 168

Chris Weidman’s win over Anderson Silva this summer shocked the world — even if it didn’t shock Chris Weidman — and he’s looking to prove that it wasn’t a fluke that he knocked out Anderson Silva by doing it again. Of course, the odds are still a bit against him according to the world, but Weidman believes that this time around it’ll be easier for him.Yes, Weidman believes that it’ll be easier because Anderson will be doing what he thought he’d be doing the first time around.

“He wouldn’t be so good just putting his hands up and looking like a typical Thai boxer,” Weidman said. “You know what the guy is going to do more if he’s doing that. He likes to come from different angles from his hands down. Trust me, he’s not coming in like you think he’s going to be coming in.”

“People say that he’s going to get pissed off, and it’s going to be this whole new Anderson Silva – it’s going to be easier,” Weidman said. “I’m very happy with the situation, and it’s exactly where I thought I was going to be, and it’s time to prove myself again on (Dec.) 28, so I’m excited.”