Chris Weidman Talks About Chael Sonnen’s Failed Drug Tests

Chris Weidman, the UFC Middleweight Champion, has been very vocal about how he feels about performance enhancing drugs; he doesn’t like them. That alone makes Chris Weidman a guy to cheer for, because he wants the sport of MMA to be cleaned up. At a scrum Chris Weidman was asked about how he felt about the whole Chael Sonnen situation and he gave his candid reply. He felt bad for Chael at first, then the second test happened and, well, you know. [source]

I feel like it, hopefully is just going to be the beginning of what’s been going on. I feel terrible, you know, Chael came out with his first statement, he got completely on my side, I think. I could understand where he was coming from. Vitor, Wanderlei, I wasn’t on their side. I think they’re obviously doing something. And Vitor got tested, he was way over on the TRT or whatever it is. But, Chael I felt bad for.

Then those second tests came and it’s just, like, I still love Chael to death, but it just kind of opens up your eyes with what some guys could be doing. And it pissed me off. So, I want guys to be tested as much as possible; blood tests, whatever can be done.