Chris Weidman Speaks About NSAC’s TRT Decision

Chris Weidman is the UFC Middleweight Champion and has a title defense coming up against Vitor Belfort, with Belfort being an outspoken proponent and user of TRT. Today’s decision by the NSAC means that if the fight between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort still happens in Nevada that Vitor will not be able to take testosterone replacement therapy for said fight. You can definitely say that Chris Weidman benefits by this. [source]

“This is an amazing day for the sport,” Weidman told “This is something that I’ve wanted to see happen for quite some time. TRT was and has always been cheating, and I’m glad Nevada finally recognized that, especially since I’m about to fight there against a known TRT user. Hopefully, every other athletic commission follows because this was long overdue.

“If you need TRT to fight, you shouldn’t fight. Period.”