Chris Weidman isn’t interested in a Johny Hendricks superfight

Superfights, superfights, superfights. Everyone wants one, but they are just so rare. Will we see any out of this current crop of champions? Maybe a Bones Jones vs. Cain matchup? Hendricks wants Weidman in a hypothetical scenario, but Weidman isn’t digging it. Johny is just too small, you see. Maybe Bones would be better for the huge middleweight champ?

“I don’t even think that I’d entertain that,” he said. “Not that he’s not good or anything like that, but it just doesn’t make any sense to talk about it now. [Hendricks] hasn’t defended his belt yet, and I have more people to fight in my weight class. On top of that, I would never call out a guy who’s smaller than me. I’m a lot bigger than him, I think. I know he walks around heavy but I’d feel like I’d have a huge advantage in that fight, so I’m not calling him out.

“Jon Jones is different, he’s taller than me, he’s bigger than me, so that’s a different story. That would be more of a test than Johny Hendricks.”