Chris Weidman ‘Freaked Out’ Over Anderson Silva Injury Rumor

Chris Weidman might be playing up that he is a tough guy and that he is going to annihilate Anderson Silva this July, but the reality is that there are those doubts inside of his head. Is he really ready for the fight of his life? If all of the biggest names in MMA haven’t had an answer for Anderson Silva, does he? Honestly, Weidman would be foolish not to have those thoughts.

So while he might be putting out a strong act in public, it is clear that there are some lingering doubts, which he has somewhat confirmed talking to Ariel Helwani today. He talked about how he “freaked out” when the Anderson Silva injury rumor popped up and how he calmed down a bit when it was refuted, but was still shaken up.

I dunno, that doesn’t sound like a guy who is all that confident to me.