Chris Weidman: “I have everything to lose”

I truly miss this feeling I have in my gut. It’s one of excitement, counting down the minutes until UFC 168. The entire card is incredible, and one has to think that cards like this were what made the sport great. Hey, what can you do? If this is one of the two real big cards a year, I’ll take it.

And it’s mostly because of Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman. Like a smart man, Weidman still believes he’s the underdog. He explained on the media conference call:

“I still feel like I have everything to lose in this fight, like I said before, I need to win this fight to solidify me as champion, and to achieve my other long-term goals I need to win this fight. I put a lot of pressure on myself. This is just the same mentality as the last one.”

“I’m fighting Anderson Silva, I wasn’t a favorite last time, and I didn’t expect to be a favorite this time. He’s been in this sport, I can’t tell you how much longer, he’s been around more, he’s been around, he’s had his wins, he’s done a lot for the UFC and mixed martial arts. He deserves to be the favorite.”