Chris Weidman Having Double Knee Surgery with Four Week Recovery

UFC Middleweight Champion Chris Weidman pulled out of his fight with Lyoto Machida at UFC 173 due to a knee injury that he was having surgery on. It turns out that they didn’t disclose the extent of Weidman’s surgery. It turns out that Chris Weidman is having surgery on both of his knees, including meniscal tears in both knees since high school. Yikes. So for Chris Weidman this is probably the first time that he’s been in the driver’s seat and has the ability to slow down and say that he needs some time off. [source]

He’s in relatively good spirits. He’s been battling knee problems since high school. He’s had meniscal tears in both his knees since high school. It’s something he’s been battling throughout his career. About every six months, the left one would get locked up. It just happened twice in the last week and swelled up and has been painful. So he decided get it cleaned up and get a scope of the left knee and while he was at it, he decided to get the right one cleaned out as well, which was operated on in high school. He’s having surgery on Tuesday. They’re anticipating a four-week recovery and don’t expect any problems to be ready for the fight on July 5th.