Chris Weidman Considers Himself the ‘Spoiler’ for Anderson Silva Dream Fights

If you were to tell me that Chris Weidman is being overlooked in his upcoming bout with Anderson Silva I’d probably agree with you. The world is still thinking about what possible dream matches are on the horizon for Anderson Silva and Georges St. Pierre dispatching his top challenger in Nick Diaz has only added more fuel to that fire for a superfight down the line. Johnny Hendricks will finally get that much-deserved fight with Georges St. Pierre and Chris Weidman will get his shot at Anderson Silva at UFC 162.

According to Dana White, Weidman looked him in the eye and apologized to Dana, because Weidman believes that he is going to spoil all of the UFC’s superfights by derailing Anderson Silva and being the man to take the UFC Middleweight Championship off of him after years of domination from Silva in the division.

White even admitted that if Silva was out of the equation, a lot of the proposed superfights, like one with Georges St. Pierre or Jon Jones, disappear instantly.

So the question now is if Chris Weidman, one of the more complete fighters in the Middleweight division, can put his money where his mouth is and dethrone not only a king but a living legend. [Source]