Chris Weidman Actually Believes That Anderson Silva Will No-Show Their Fight

What’s funny when you look at the upcoming Anderson Silva vs. Chris Weidman fight is that one guy could care less about doing the media rounds, while the other guy is so hungry for media attention that he is taking every chance he can to have himself heard. It’s like Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen, only this time around nobody is chuckling to themselves about Chris Weidman being clever, most are just shaking their head at how this kid is sizing himself up for an epic trouncing from the UFC Middleweight Champion.

Weidman spoke out today about Anderson Silva’s no-show for the Los Angeles media event this week, which somehow has led him to believe that Anderson Silva will no-show the fight, such as concoct an injury so he doesn’t have to show up. Weidman, a fighter that most MMA fans can’t really remember what he looks like, has been hustling to get his name out there for this UFC Middleweight title shot, has been talking a lot of trash on the champion, which as we’ve seen, might not end well for him.