Chris Holdsworth and Julianna Pena Are Your Ultimate Fighter(s) [18]

So yea, tonight was The Ultimate Fighter 18 finale live on Fox Sports 1 where two fighters were able to walk away with the crown of “The Ultimate Fighter.” After another grueling season of The Ultimate Fighter two fighters were able to walk away with nifty trophies, a six figure UFC contract and customized Harley Davidson motorcycles because no one has learned a goddamned thing from Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir all of those years ago. Oh well.

The finals were Chris Holdsworth vs. David Grant and Juliana Pena vs. Jessica Rakoczy, which saw Team Tate sweep the finals (not the leg) with Holdsworth winning via rear naked choke in R2 and Juliana Pena winning via ground n’ pound in the first round. So there you have it, two new Bantamweight Ultimate Fighter winners, one a man, one a woman.