Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Dislocates Finger Rolling in Jiu-Jitsu

I feel like an important part of any Mixed Martial Arts fan’s fandom is the obsessions that we all go through at some point to learn as much as we can about the sport and to take it up. Not everyone gets the itch, but many do. Back in 2002 I was already doing Kickboxing and Judo, so the idea of doing some Jiu-Jitsu and get my Rumina Sato skills sharpened was simply too much for me, so I took up jiu-jitsu for a while. It was frustrating and at the time super expensive, which led to a group of friends alternating who’d go each month and then teaching each other new stuff that they learned or taking stuff that we didn’t quite get to the gym and figuring it out there.

It led to some interesting times, I’ll say that. It seems like Thor star Chris Hemsworth is experiencing that right now as well as he is apparently learning the magical art of jiu-jitsu. This has led to him experiencing one of the most obnoxious injuries of dislocating a finger. Ouch. Most of us know how Chris Hemsworth is feeling, at least.  [link]

“Hemsworth recalls, “He was showing me a thing or two and I fell back on it and it ended up at a right angle to my hand and the knuckle was sitting, like, half an inch down under my hand.

“My friend grabbed it and put it back in but it is rather swollen still.”