Chael Sonnen Would Want Anderson Silva as Assistant Coach on The Ultimate Fighter

Oh Chael, that guy is just full of sound bytes, isn’t he? It’s hard to deny that he’s a very quotable fighter and while he does a lot of recycling of old professional wrestling promos and doesn’t really write his own material, the pastiche that is Chael Sonnen makes a lot of sense within the context of the UFC. Chael has already done a coaching gig on The Ultimate Fighter with season 17 against Jon Jones, but it looks like he’ll be back at it again, this time for The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil against Wanderlei Silva.

In this new interview that was released he discusses the season, how he wants to actually be a coach and, well, he’s Chael Sonnen. So, of course, when he lists who he’d like to be his assistant coach he talks about Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, Tito Ortiz and a few others. Oh Chael. I mean, a Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva team would be unstoppable, right?