Chael Sonnen tests positive for HGH and 3 other banned substances in a second drug test

Well… I don’t know. It’s over? Chael Sonnen has actually upped himself in the drug test department if you could believe it. In a second drug test taken earlier this month, he tested positive for HGH, ePO and HCG. All bad things, I assure you.

You can read all about the drugs themselves here, in the piece MMAFighting broke. I want to talk about the bigger picture.

Before we damn Sonnen and point fingers, let’s think about what these PEDs have given us. Sonnen was in the twilight of his career years ago, had these drugs not come about, we wouldn’t have seen his rather epic run over the last 4 years. You can’t deny the entertainment value of Sonnen, love him or hate him. Love to hate him, it all works as long as we’re watching, and we watched Sonnen.

But now that past is stained. Still, even if we look at those fights with steroid-stained glasses, we should appreciate the good times these PEDs brought us.