Chael Sonnen Still Without a License For Next Week’s Fight in Massachusetts

TRT is one of the big issues in MMA today and fighters like Chael Sonnen have made career pushes later on thanks to the wonder-therapy that is Testosterone Replacement Therapy, but not everyone is happy about that. That everyone seems to include the Massachusetts State Boxing Commission who has yet to determine what to do with Chael Sonnen and his fight which goes down next week.

His TRT usage isn’t the only issue on the table, either. The fact that Sonnen was convicted of money laundering in 2011 has raised the ire of a ground in Washington, DC, called UNITE HERE. They had lodged a complaint with the commission and are going to send protesters to the public meeting tomorrow in an attempt at blocking Sonnen from being licensed to fight.

It looks like Chael Sonnen and the UFC have an uphill battle in Boston.