Chael Sonnen says Weidman/Machida is a superfight, and we agree

It’s hard to disagree with the logic presented here, especially if you can get over the fact that Weidman defeated Anderson Silva off of 1.5 fluky moments. Ugh.

Either way, Machida vs. Weidman is the closest thing we’ll see to a superfight in a while, I suspect. Chael hit it on the head. What a company man.

This was said on MMAopinion.UK:

“This is an incredible fight; First off, Chris Weidman is the undefeated, undisputed middleweight champion of the world, taking out the all-time pound-for-pound king Anderson Silva famously. Lyoto Machida has never looked better since he’s come down to 185 pounds. He’s undefeated with a knockout of Mark Munoz, a unanimous decision over Gegard Mousasi and he’s a former light heavyweight world champion. When you talk about superfights, you’re talking about a champion from one weight class taking on a champion from another weight class. You want a superfight? On May 24, you’re getting one.”