Chael Sonnen says Wanderlei ran from the UFC 175 drug test

Photo Credit: USA Today/Winslow Townson.

Interesting. Very interesting. Although, everything that Chael Sonnen says on camera or to the the media should be taken for a grain of salt. Yes, what he said last night on UFC Tonight has a ‘where there’s smoke, there’s fire’ ring to it, but let’s not jump all over Wanderlei quite yet.

“Wanderlei has operated his entire career under the shadow of suspicion that he was using performance-enhancing drugs. However, he has never failed a drug test, so we don’t speculate on those types of things. That clean record came to a screeching halt on Saturday night. Not only did he fail his test, he refused to take the test. And as you know, a refusal is equal in the eyes of the commission to a failure.

“He ran from the test … and I don’t mean that figuratively; I mean they came to his gym and he literally ran. He goes out of sight where they come after him, saying his name. I have not spoke to the athletic commission in Nevada, so here I am, going to speculate that they will revoke his license and perhaps his career with the UFC will be done.”

After all, Chael did say this immediately following the above:

“I am now fighting a No. 1 contenders match,” he said. “The winner of my bout will take on the winner of Chris Weidman vs. Lyoto Machida.”

This coming from a guy who hasn’t won at middleweight in 2.5 years and is 1-3 in his last 4.