Chael Sonnen on ESPN’s SportsCenter; ‘Can I Touch Your Hair?’

There is something to be said for Chael Sonnen and his brand of promoting fights. In the world of MMA there is truly no one like him, which to some brings about a sigh of relief and to others leaves them scratching their heads. Chael samples from a lifetime of watching professional wrestling where he was able to pick up the trade of being his own hype man, which has taken him very far. If you want to know how far, look no further than getting a UFC Light Heavyweight Title shot without much of a technical reason behind it.

Fascinating, right?

Well, he appeared on SportsCenter last night to hype up the fight, something that Jon Jones has been having a hard time focusing long enough to do, and the interview just kind of got really weird. Sure, it didn’t get like Rampage weird; there was no talk of motorboating and no dry humping of a poor woman trying to conduct an interview, but instead, well, just watch.