Chael Sonnen Not Really Retiring, Wants Fight With Wanderlei Silva

Chael Sonnen, in the great tradition of professional wrestling-esque retirements, has rescinded his hasty talk about being done from Saturday night and will continue to step into the ring for the UFC. On Tuesday’s episode of “UFC Tonight” Sonnen discussed his future in the UFC and came to the decision that he wants to continue fighting at 205 pounds, but would be open to Rich Franklinish catchweight bouts.

Who did he have in mind when it comes to fighting at 205 or at a catchweight? The Axe Murderer himself, Wanderlei Silva. According to Sonnen the base for that fight has already been built with some of their back-and-forth arguments on Twitter and calling each other out in interviews, so that is a fight that he’d like to participate in.

The UFC is probably breathing a sigh of relief that Sonnen, one of their biggest non-champion PPV draws has decided to stay aboard. [Source: MMAJunkie]