Chael Sonnen in Line for Cushy Non-Fighting Job with UFC

Dana White was kind of scrambling when it came to Chael Sonnen since his fight on Saturday night where he sounded rather down on himself and ready to hang up his gloves, because Chael Sonnen is not the kind of fighter that he’d be comfortable letting go of once he was done fighting. That leaves Chael Sonnen in the same category as guys like Chuck Liddell and Matt Hughes, guys that Dana White refuses to let go of and creates jobs for after they are done fighting to ensure that they are still a part of the UFC brand.

It isn’t clear what the job would entail, but Dana White has been looking to hold onto Chael Sonnen, noting that he has a future with the company as well as a broadcaster. White goes on to talk about how Fox love having Sonnen broadcasting events and how he feels that Sonnen might even move past the sport of MMA and broadcast on other sports. [Source: MMAJunkie]