Chael Sonnen Facing Possible $250,000 Fine for Failed Drug Tests

Man, it sucks to be Chael Sonnen right about now. Chael Sonnen, after the initial drug test failure, decided to immediately retire from the sport of MMA due to him claiming that he needed testosterone to try to have a child with his beautiful wife. We understood that, then his second failure came in and that one was just damning. It looks like losing his job as a broadcaster wasn’t the worst part.

Oh no. The NSAC apparently has its sights set on Sonnen and looks to fine him up to $250,000 for those failed drug tests and that if he ever were to apply for another license that he’d need to face more drug testing and come out clean. Ouch. Check out the documents from MMAjunkie here. Hard times for Chael Sonnen.