Chael Sonnen explains why Wanderlei Silva is the worst UFC fighter ever

Chael, you are a master troll. We get that you claim Wanderlei’s record of 5-8 to be the worst in the UFC ever, but you’re only 6-7, my friend. Don’t throw stones in a glass house that no longer has TRT to protect it, that’s what I always say. Always.

It feels like this fight has been building up for years between Wand and Chael, and we are just a few months away from seeing it play out in front of us. After Chael decimated Shogun, we all thought Wand was screwed, but now with TRT-less Chael entering the Octagon, anything can happen.

Still, Chael said this to MMAFighting.

“As far as the incident with Wanderlei, there were many incidents,” Sonnen said. “One of them has garnered more attention than the others. The guy was a complete struggle on a daily basis to work alongside.”

“Wanderlei’s record is the single worst in the history of the UFC, that’s not just the Zuffa owned UFC, but the SEG UFC as well. He currently has five wins and eight losses. That is the record. He’s won his last two fights, so that means at one point he had three wins and eight losses. There’s never been a guy that terrible in UFC.”