Chael Sonnen Didn’t Have Surgery Pre-UFC 167

I mean, c’mon, right? Nobody actually believed that Chael Sonnen had surgery a day before his fight at UFC 167 against Rashad Evans, right? Well, if you did then I have very bad news for you; Chael Sonnen didn’t have surgery right before the Rashad Evans fight. There was no way in hell that he did and the fact that TSN more or less fell for a Sonnen ruse and made some of it up.

Not surprising, right? Chael Sonnen might be a tough guy, but nobody is that tough. [source]

I checked with the UFC. They verified with Chael and his team that he did not have any surgery prior to the Rashad Evans fight. According to Chael, the interviewer asked him a question and Chael, coyly, didn’t answer him directly as the article clearly states, and the interviewer inferred that the answer to his question was in the affirmative.