Chael Sonnen not convinced that Jamie Varner was actually injured

Well, I’m not really convinced that you had a colonoscopy before the Rashad Evans fight, Chael. This seemed pretty legit, though. If you saw the fight between Jamie Varner and James krause to open UFC 173 last night, you saw Krause kick Jamie Varner right above the ankle in one of the first exchanges. I’m not sure if this was an ankle destruction technique, but Varner continually tumbled to the mat after his leg gave out on him several times during the short fight.

Yes, Varner was a gamer. He plugged away, doing his best to nail Krause with some power shots, but between rounds it was called off by the doctors. Chael Sonnen wasn’t pleased. He said this on the UFC post-show:

“We’re led to believe that Varner had hurt his ankle in that last exchange. I’m not ready to tell the fans that, guys. That’s just not what I saw. Every Jamie Varner fight seems to have a moment like this, where a picture is being painted very early on. We don’t see Jamie Varner in very many fights that just have a good, clean outcome. Whether he’s the most unlucky ever, or this is the boy that called wolf, I don’t know. But this (has seemed) to happen for the last six years.”