Chad Mendes will be ready for Jose Aldo’s fence grabs. Oh yes, he’ll be ready

There’s a scourge in MMA, and it runs alongside bad judging, low pay and and PEDs. This blight is called referee inaction, and we’ve seen it time and time again. There’s no accountability for bad stoppages, eye pokes or even fence grabbing. When was the last time we saw a point being taken from someone fir egregious fouls?

It’s ridiculous, and for as brilliant as Jose Aldo is in the cage, we see him grab the fence time and time again. This time, Chad Mendes will be ready. He told this to MMA Junkie:

“It sucks looking back on it, I’ve watched that fight multiple times, and it pisses me off every time. I mean, that definitely would have changed at least the first round.

” … We’re definitely going to be talking to the refs beforehand this time, and I’m really going to be working on getting takedowns out in the open.”