Cat Zingano Wants No Doubts About Tate Win Heading into TUF 18

This weekend was a huge one for Cat Zingano, who was a mostly unknown fighter before the UFC pit her against Miesha Tate to become the number one contender for Ronda Rousey’s UFC Bantamweight Championship as well as coach on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter. Tate was taking it to Zingano for most of the fight until the dramatic finish came, with Zingano crushing Tate with knees to the face, bringing about a stoppage.

Of course, it was not without controversy. Many claim that the initial knee that landed happened while Tate was technically “down,” as her hands were coming off of the mat just as the knee landed. It was very close, with the ref not seeing anything wrong with it and letting things continue, which led to Zingano stopping Tate. Zingano spoke out about her win and is a bit upset that her biggest win had to come with some measure of controversy behind it, as she wants to remain positive and focused heading into TUF 18 as well as the upcoming Rousey fight.