Cat Zingano Pulls out of TUF 18 Coaching Spot – Replaced By Miesha Tate

Some bad news for those of you who were looking forward to Cat Zingano and Ronda Rousey  coaching The Ultimate Fighter 18 as it looks like Cat Zingano has torn her ACL in mid-May and that she is being replaced on The Ultimate Fighter 18 by Miesha Tate. This is without a doubt probably the more marketable fight for the UFC, as Tate has a bigger name than Zingano, but in Women’s MMA that isn’t saying an awful lot, honestly.

This means that Miesha Tate not only gets the spot coaching opposite of Ronda Rousey but she also gets the title shot that comes with the weeks of buildup on TUF that Zingano was promised. This has to be crushing for Zingano, who had finally gotten her big break. Bryan Caraway, on the other hand, is probably pretty thrilled right about now. [Source: Yahoo!]