Cat Zingano May Have Messed Up Her Other Knee Now

Poor Cat Zingano. Right now we should be talking about Cat Zingano’s appearances on The Ultimate Fighter 18 opposing Ronda Rousey instead of Miesha Tate, instead we are talking about Cat Zingano’s knee injuries and how she has missed out on being a bigger star and getting a bigger payday. I’m usually not the biggest sympathizer when it comes to fighters and their ailments, but for a woman who was to be in at the ground floor of Women in the UFC, this kind of sucks.

Apparently Cat Zingano has hurt her knee while rehabbing her injured knee. That’s just ridiculous, right?

“Cat is now three months out from her right knee anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction,” he stated in a video Zingano posted on her Facebook page. “She’s three months out; her knee looks great. She’s got almost perfect motion, she’s got great strength, she’s got excellent stability. She’s about three months from getting back in the ring and starting to spar.”

The bad news, however, is that Dr. Kvitne believes Zingano may have a torn meniscus in her left knee.

Dr. Kvitne indicated that they were going to perform an MRI on the left knee to verify the torn meniscus, and if it is confirmed, they will immediately perform surgery hoping to avoid any further delay in her return.

“The only problem is the left knee appears to have somewhere along the line gotten into trouble with a medial meniscus tear,” said Dr. Kvitne. “So we’ll confirm that today with an MRI. If she does may have a torn meniscus, she’ll need surgery fairly quickly, so she can get back on track with the rehab.”