Cat Zingano Doesn’t Want to Lose Title Shot

If we know anything about UFC title shots, we know that if injury gets in the way they can be easily lost, leaving the would-be contender in a spot where when they are healthy they now have to re-earn what they were already told that they had earned. Kind of a rough break, huh? For Cat Zingano this is the reality that she is now facing with her torn ACL. She originally was slated to fight Ronda Rousey and co-host TUF 18 but her leg injury kept her on the sidelines while the woman that she handily defeated, Miesha Tate, was given the chance to contend.

Cat Zingano seems to be a bit concerned about this and seems willing to step into the ring even if she’s not 100% just to get a chance at being the best in the world. We tip our hat to Cat Zingano.