Carlos Condit Stops Martin Kampmann in Round Four

Carlos Condit is a fighter that was uber impressive in the WEC, but when he transitioned into the UFC he ran into Martin Kampmann who was able to not only stop the Condit hype train, but he was able to make Condit look lost, something that not many fighters were able to do. A lot has changed since then, with Condit reaching some crazy heights within the UFC’s tough Welterweight division, including becoming the Interim Welterweight Champion before he ran into Georges St. Pierre.

So there was a lot on the line in this fight and Condit started off slow, but came back and it was a rather dominating performance. Condit has shown just how much he’s been working on his wrestling game and was able to finally stop Kampmann in round four with some clinch knees!

GIF credit to @ZProphet_MMA.